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John Jackson – Interview


All images by Tim Peare

Hey John, nice to that you’re up for an interview on

Oh hell ya, good to be! It’s always nice to catch up!

How are you these days? I guess you’re season already started?

Been good, I had an insane summer. I didn’t really go on any major trips, but I just fished a ton. i spent a lot of time in Oregon and Nor Cal, fishing for stealies. I moved outa my pad in july and i just been a bum since. It’s nice though, no strings attached, I just cruise around in my truck and camp out wherever. Surf some couch, bombard the parents every now and then….. things are good. Season hasn’t started quite yet though. Some resorts are open but I haven’t been shredding too much yet. I been trying to climb as much as possible lately, get my mind and body ready for the season.


On what kind of projects are you working this season, where will you ride this winter?

I’ll be working with Forum for the “most” part and then we’ll see where the snow flies. Hopefully it dumps in the states, but it looks like Canada is getting pounded right now. I’d like to spend some time in Europe and also Alaska for sure!

What was your feeling like when you saw your first part in a professional snowboardmovie on a big screen?

Oh mun! I remember it so clearly. It was Torrey Piro’s movie “Hi Fi” at the La Paloma theater in Encinitas back in the day. This was my first year filming, and I didn’t know what was up with nothing…. such a rookie! I remember being all excited when the movie was starting, and then all of a sudden, my part comes on first and I had no idea. I remember getting all nervous and embarrassed like, “damn why’s my part gotta come on first, they must get the crapy stuff outa the way first.” At that time, I didn’t really know first and last part was the goods. It was a fun night.

Which of your parts do you like the best and who had the best part ever?

I’m pretty stoked on this years part in Forever. But for sure I always feel like I can do better. I was happy this year because I set out to do certain things in certain spots, and I got them done. The fact I wasn’t able to get into Canada put a bit of pressure on me because everyones like, “you gotta go to bc, you gotta go” and I felt confident I could make things happen without being up there at all. So this year definitely felt like an accomplishment.


You’ve got the last part in Forum’s “Forever”; it is definitely one of the best, how can you push yourself to step higher and higher every season?

I think you just do it naturally. I always wanna get to the next step or push myself harder to progress to that next level, do something I didn’t think I could or I was scared of. When you overcome stuff like that, it feels good. I want to use my body and mind to it’s fullest potential. It’d be boring otherwise. Everyone pushes themselves whether they think so or not, it’s just how hard you wanna push.
It mainly features backcountry shots, what happend to the good old rail?
I know right? Maybe next year. Man kids are getting tech this days like crazy! The rail scene is getting nasty and you gotta give those guys props. I’d love to get creative though on some urban nuggets, we’ll see.

What will snowboarding be like in 10 years?

It’ll be scary! No I don’t know, who knows! More Big Mountain freestyle.

We see a lot never done before tricks these days. Everybody’s talking about the double cork, tell us your story…

Ya a lot of new innovation. The double corks are fun,Ii think it opens a lot of doors. I got some new thoughts on tricks but it’s a bit different of the lip then in the mind so we’ll see.


What’s your opinion on rocker shaped snowboards?

I dont like em much. I tried riding one for the first time last year and I was only on it maybe a week. I like a lot of support and aggressiveness in a board. They’re fun to cruz on but I like the snap of a camber.

What’s your favorite off mountain activity and how do you spend your downdays?

It’s always been flyfishing but i have a crazy addiction for climbing as well. It’s been my new favorite thang.

Do you spend a lot of time on the web? Facebook? Blogs? Got some cool sites to share with us?

Not enough, look how bad I am at getting emails back! Sorry about that by the way. Nah I’m not a big computer guy. I got my facelift page going and all that. There’s a pretty cool website out there though, I think it’s called u toob or something?
Please just note the word that you first think about when you read this letters:
1. C: climb

2. L: ladder

3. D: dog

4. F: friend

5. X: xtreme sports bar and grill

John thanks a lot for your time. See you. Now it’s time for last words:

Stay positive, lots of love and blessings!

All images by Tim Peare


Jan 04, 2010 | People, Snowboard

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